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Couldn’t be more proud of my daughter

Couldn’t be more proud of my daughter - Caroline Smith

One my friends recommended me to do the varicose vein treatment Rosemere. She revealed that she had done it and she saw quite an improvement in her symptoms. She was very pleased with the results and passed me the name of the clinic. That happened in spring. I have been meaning to call this clinic and take an appointment ever since. Though, I never did. Now that winter is here and my symptoms are worse, I decided to take action.

Thus I gave them a call and booked my appointment early next week, on Monday. Since my friend Ella lives around five minutes away from the clinic, I will be passing by to see her as well.

I almost forgot she had moved to Rosemere. It was my daughter who reminded me that Ella had left the city last year. 

When I called her and asked if I could borrow her car in order to go to Rosemere, she said she was happy that I was finally going to visit Ella. For a moment, I had no idea what she was talking about, then it kicked in: Ella was also in Rosemere. I explained to my daughter that I was actually planning to go see a doctor. I added that seeing Ella was a great idea.

Obviously that I got scolded for not having changed my car’s tires to winter tires. Don’t you love it when you get scolded by your own kids for things you should have done? Hmm, time made things change. We reversed the roles. Now I am the one who is being taken care of. 

I love my daughter and I am so proud of her! She is an excellent lawyer, a great mom, a beautiful woman, and a good friend to her husband. I honestly don’t know how she manages to do all the things she does. I had only one child and I remember it was quite challenging to balance work and career. She has two children, a pilot for a husband (he’s always away, flying somewhere) and a striking career. Kudos to her! 

When I volunteered to stay with  her kids, she refused me, saying that they were her responsibility, not mine. She did not want me to get my retirement and stay home to babysit her kids. She said there are daycares and nannies for that. She asked me to go travel and do what I had left on my bucket list.

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