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Dental implants

Dental implants - Caroline Smith

Since I was a child, or as far as I can remember, I always had problems with my teeth. Either it was a cavity, a root canal or braces, I had been visiting my dentist far more often than anyone else did. My parents suffered as well from a bad dentition; unfortunately I inherited the worse genes from them. 

Even during my adult life, each year I needed to have some dental work done. I am not talking about aesthetics. No! I had to fix my teeth in order to keep them. At one point I got worried that I am heading towards removable dentures, despite the fact that I was on my mid-thirties.

Needless to say that I had given up long time ago the idea of having a nice bright smile. In all my photos, I was not smiling. In some of them I looked upset or stiff, because I was worried that my bad dentition would show within the photo. 

When periodontitis kicked in early thirties, I can not say that I was surprised. Why should I? I was following my dad’s footsteps. If there was something that he had suffered from, I had it as well. The only difference between us, was the fact that in my case, things were happening way earlier than expected. It looked as if someone was stepping the acceleration or fast-forwarding the years for me. 

The year I turned forty I lost five teeth. I was left with no molars on my lower jaw. I was not able to eat or chew properly. I had to change my diet and avoid eating or biting hard. I reminded me of my toothless grandma that had to eat only soups and soft foods.

The day my dentist mentioned to me the idea of getting implants I was thrilled. I knew that I did could not afford four of them, but he gave me hope. I thought I could do two implants within the following year and then the rest. Meanwhile I would save some money in order to pay the dentist’s bill. 

It did not take long for the dentist to convince me that dental implants were what I needed. I was sold within the first minute. He recommended to do the dental implants Boisbriand, at one of his friends, a reputed dental surgeon. Since it was his field, I took his advice and contacted the clinic.

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