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Drug addicts

Drug addicts - Caroline Smith

I always wondered how some normal people like me and you end up on the streets. What pushes them towards the drugs? Is it curiosity? Is it a weak mind? Is it the exacerbating self-pity? You can’t become addicted to a drug you took it only once! As far as I read, generally it takes a few doses for one to develop the addiction. 

What makes a mother forget about her children? What could possibly determine a woman or a man to willingly give up control over his life and lose everything? In most of the cases I have personally met and dealt with, I did not hear any heartbreaking stories. All of the addicts I have met had normal lives, never suffered or experienced any traumatic event that could have explain their acts. 

Half of them managed to straighten up, put themselves together. Now they have to deal with the aftermath of the chaos they have created within their families. In some cases the children have been taken away by the social services, while other ones have been given to the other parent. The other half of the addicts, never reached the stage of being called ex drug addicts. They lost everything and ended up on the streets, bagging, hoping they would get enough money to buy themselves a new dose and forget about their misery.

I personally can not relate to any of them. I try to be compassionate as much as I can, though I find it hard. Mostly because I consider them fully responsible for the havoc they caused. It’s difficult to find empathy when you know that their selfishness is the only culprit. 

I never give them money. I prefer to buy them a warm meal instead or if I have time, I’d listen to their stories. 

Today I had to go for a Facial Care Rosemere with a friend of mine. While I was seated in my car, parked outside my office, waiting for her to come, I saw someone in distress staying next to the bus stop. By the way he was looking down and his jittery hand, I knew that he was an addict. 

I continued to watch him for a few minutes. My friend passed by him and dropped some change in his hat.

When she stepped into my car I asked her why she had given money. She replied simply:” Because he’s homeless!” I tried explaining to her that she was not helping him at all by doing that, but she didn’t care.

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