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First time gardener

First time gardener - Caroline Smith

For a first time gardener, I must confess that I had either an incredible (beginner's) luck or Mother Nature took pity on me. During the entire season I had (still have)  an abundance of three different types of tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers from my garden.

When I started the garden, little I knew of how big a tomato plant would grow, and how much tomatoes will give.

So, I bought twenty tomato plants from the Canadian Tire nursery, and planted them into the garden, at the beginning of May. No one told me that those tiny plants would reach a height of six feet, and would bear so many fruits that I wouldn't know what to do with them. A rookie mistake became a bonding experience with the neighbours. In July, when they started to ripe, I was extremely happy to see the results of my work. So were the kids and the neighbours. 

The children love plucking the cherry tomatoes. They enjoy it that much, that they eat them on the spot. They don't have the patience to pluck them all, bring them inside and then wash a few and eat them. They are children!

Before having the veggies garden, I don't recall any of my kids eating so many veggies. But now, given its accessibility, and the fact that they worked for it, makes it more appealing, more rewarding.

From May until now, I spent only forty dollars on my garden. This amount includes what I paid for the plants, the gardening tools bought from Dollarama, and a bag of fertilized soil that I used for the wooden boxes on the side of the deck.

Keep in mind that from the beginning of July, I did not buy tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers! Having the garden saved me a few hundred bugs. Usually I would buy those on a weekly basis, and spend around fifteen or twenty dollars minimum each time. I know that I could pay less, but I prefer to buy them organic. I don't want to feed pesticides to my kids.

Today while I was watering the plants, I had a look at the house, and I noted that I needed to replace all the sunshades. The fabric had lost its color and it was torn on certain places. I thought of ordering some new awnings montreal, and have them installed this upcoming week. Then, I realized that we would return from vacation only towards the end of the month. Since in October we won't be spending as much time on the deck outside, I postponed it until the next spring.

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