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Getting The Dog to the Vets

Getting The Dog to the Vets - Caroline Smith

I love my dog, but I swear she causes such a hassle whenever she has to go to the vets. I know it’s hardly her favourite place in the world, as I can imagine it would never be, but I just don’t get how she always seems to know when she’s about to be taken there. It’s just strange. Maybe she has memorised the route or something?

Anyway, I’ve been looking for ways that I could make her more comfortable in the car and ensure that she isn’t bouncing around all over the place. A little bit of research on the internet brought up an item called canine vehicle restraint systems that work almost like a seatbelt for dogs, ensuring that they stay secured in the seats without causing them any harm.

It sounds like these vehicle restraint systems may be the solution for me, and not just for when we are on our way to the vets either. My dog simply won’t sit still no matter where I’m taking her, and if she is going to the park you can forget about it! She won’t stop jumping around. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t take her to the park in my car unless I have somebody else with me to hold her down until we get there!

So the more I think about it the more it seems like canine vehicle restraint systems are the ideal solution for me. I would be able to take my dog anywhere I pleased and I wouldn’t have to worry about her bouncing around like a lunatic and hurting herself or causing me to crash the car in the meantime.

The trick now is to find a selection of vehicle restraint systems that look like they could do the job properly. After all, I don’t want to end up plumping for an option only to find out that it can’t do the job properly. I think I’ll be devoting a little bit of my time tonight to some online research so that I can create a shortlist of vehicle restraint systems that catch my eye. After that, it’s off to the forums to see if I can find any feedback about the system from a few previous customers. The marketing spiel of a company will only tell you so much, after all, so I want to be sure that what they say I’m getting is what I get.

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