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Greener Park Paving Products with Concrete Cement

Greener Park Paving Products with Concrete Cement - Caroline Smith

You will find that the parking lots of today are invariably engineered with the latest technological advances in road building so that the motorists’ needs and traffic demands are met. The construction industry is using the technology in order to improve the quality of pavement on an ongoing basis. The main objective is to finish with a park paving in Edmonton, Alberta product which will remain smooth, durable and safe for a longer time period.

Wherever you take a look, you will notice that the asphalt pavements account for a number of variables which are a part of unique engineering projects, ranging from busy distribution centers and their parking lots to the remote parking lots which are used for holiday shopping.

When you consider the laying of pavement for these parking areas, the thickness is important and it is established by the strength and the quality of sub-grade materials and the estimated or anticipated volume of the traffic to engage the pavement

How is the traffic analyzed?

The frequency of passenger vehicles and truck traffic and their possible weights brought onto the pavement is an important parameter when deciding on the thickness of the pavement structure to be laid. When the pavement is going to experience a heavy load with truck traffic, obviously a thicker pavement will be required when compared with areas hat expect only passenger cars.

In comparison to asphalt , the parking areas and pavements done with concrete will be environmentally friendly in more ways than one. The surface will be light colored and it will help in reducing what is popularly known as the heat island effect. This is because of the cooler surface will lead to a cooler storm water run-off. It will eventually benefit the lakes and streams in the neighborhood.

Do you know that there is a special innovation that has taken place in concrete pavements with the help of "pervious concrete?" It has been used in many areas of North America. What is unique about this cement is that it allows the rain water to pass through and it eventually supports the recharge of the ground water. This is ideal for the growth of trees. It will also make it unnecessary for conventional storm water management systems through swales and retention ponds. Concrete parking lots may be considered greener because they also support recycling. They can be laid using the by-products from power plants and manufacturing plants, hereby reducing the need for landfills. It is also considered green because of the fact that it leads to non-toxic water run-off.

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