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The Hungarian boss

My husband came back from work with a big smile on his face. He said that his boss had lost his mind. It was not the first time when that happened. Ever since the company changed owners, things were getting more and more weirder at his workplace. Each new day brought new rules and regulations.

Thus when he mentioned his boss was insane, I did not understand exactly what he meant by that. I knew that the new owner was a Hungarian guy with less experience or knowledge than any of his employees. 

He had bought the company without having the tiniest clue of how to manage it. It was one of his side investment projects that he took a keen interest in it, as his other ventures did not bring in the expected profit. 

He had told my husband that he had lost two millions in less than a half an year. Now having only one source of income, the moving company, he was keeping an eye on it, up close. He wanted to ensure that he would not end up with another financial disaster. Three of his other companies went down, as he could not keep up with his competitors.

Thus from having hubby managing it, he went on trying new ventures, one crazier than another. According to my husband his latest idea of developing their company was to add a new service: piano moving montreal

It did not matter to him that none of his employees had no training for that task. He simply added the service on their company’s website. Apparently, some clients called and asked for quotes. Only then his boss realized that he had to provide a training to his employees. His solution was to send hubby, who was the oldest employee, to a one-day seminar and then have him teach his colleagues what they had to do. 

To be honest, I had teased him the entire evening calling him a professional piano mover, emphasizing on the professional aspect. Even the boys pretended they needed a professional to move their toys from one bedroom to another. 

Leaving joke aside, I mentioned to my husband that if he wasn’t happy there anymore, he could  always find another job. He had enough experience under his belt to secure him a position anywhere else. I added that he could stay home a few months to relax and only then look for a new job.

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