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I raised a snake!

I raised a snake! - Caroline Smith

Twelve years ago when I met my boyfriend, I noted that there was something wrong with his son. It took me a long time until I was able to speak openly with my partner about his offspring. His kid was totally different than all the kids I had met. He was incredibly moody, selfish and always had a weird look.

But that was not all. At only ten years old he was a perfect chameleon. He was able to dissimulate feelings. Within a blink of an eye, he would turn from a sweet child into an aggressive Rottweiler or Pitbull, when his dad was out of sight.

In the beginning it was hard to understand where was all that anger coming from. I assumed that he was still affected by the fact that his parents got separated. I pitied him and I did my best to care for him. No matter how much I tried to make him happy or please him, I always failed.

All my life I have been surrounded by kids, and I know how to behave like them and have fun with them. My nephews, nieces, my friends’ kids, they all adore me because we always have a blast.

Well, with this kid, I have found it so hard to communicate or have any bond at all. Looking back, at all the things that happened, I guess I should be happy I am still alive. I never tried to take his mom’s place, or to be anything else more than a friend. I have been more than patient and tolerant with him throughout all these years. I had to change my vacation plans because of him. I had to pay for his school. I had to have him under my roof, even then was not what I really wanted. I made no difference between him and my own kid.

Despite all that, I always told myself that he was a child in distress and he needed help. He was already having a lot of issues because of his mother who was emotionally unstable. When he failed class twice, I was there to encourage him not to give up; whereas all the rest were telling him he was incapable of doing anything.

Now it’s been almost one year since I helped him to get a private mortgage. The same day he got the funds that was the last day I saw him. Without any explanation he cut me off. I respected his choice. He was over eighteen, so he had the right to do as he wished. It hurt hearing that he turned out to be a violent jack ass.

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