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I turned a hobby into a business

I turned a hobby into a business - Caroline Smith

Two years ago I started my own business. I had lived pretty conventional life. After finishing school, I studied economics and finished it in time. I don't love the economics but my parents thought it was a very good career choice so I followed their advice.

I worked for almost fifteen years as sales representative in a Car rental Toronto. My job was to contact old cients and search for new ones, and I had to take care of everything connected with the caar rental. It was not easy work, but I had begun to like it. I was not too happy with it, but I guess there are worse ways to earn a living.

I had a hobby that occupied all my free time. I was pretty busy since I have a husband and three children. But, instead of watching soaps on the TV, or spending time on the phone gossiping, I liked to do handiwork.

It all began when I was a student, and I wanted to have some unique jewelry. Since then I perfected making different types of jewelry, but I also started doing other things, such as painting glass or renovating old furniture or decorations. A few years ago an acquaintance of mine wanted me to create unique wedding gifts for her guests.

I created a small bag. Inside was a frame with their picture and a signed thank-you note, a matching keychain and a little bag with Italian confetti.  I was all hand-made, and the entire guest list liked it a lot. After that, I was overwhelmed with pleas from several people to make something for their celebrations.

I had to decline a couple of them because I had no time to do it by the deadline. My husband told me that I should change professions. I thought he was kidding, but as new requests came in, I started to seriously consider the possibility. Finally, I spoke to my husband and we agreed that I should try.

Some people thought I made a mistake. One of them was my mother. But, as time passed, and I was getting more and more work, they had to admit that it was not such a bad idea. Today I have a firm that specializes in creating unique handmade articles of all kinds. I have six people working for me.

Most of my clients are referrals or recommendations. A client spoke to them about me, or they saw my wares. Some of them find me on the internet, and I regularly participate at the local fashion show, where I can get many customers for my products.     

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