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It’s too cold for September!

It’s too cold for September! - Caroline Smith

I can’t believe the weather outside! It looks as if we are in November not September. It’s been more than a week since we I did not have a nice sunny day. You noticed that I did not say warm day! We traded the sandals for boots in less than a week. This year we had a crappy summer. Besides the fact that it was short, we had only a few short weeks of sun and gorgeous weather. The rest it rained and rained that I almost got depressed.  

This past summer started late and ended without any notice. Before the end of August the temperature dropped considerably. 

And now, instead of having a long warm fall, we got wind and rain. As if anyone missed the rain! 

I felt like singing with my kid: “ Rain, rain go away...” If only it would have chased away the clouds and the rain...

I never liked fall or winter. I find it annoyingly long and depressing. When I saw that it started to be dark outside around 8 P.M., I asked myself why hadn’t I moved somewhere else by now. Each year when fall comes, I feel I should have left Canada and settle at the tropics, or at least somewhere else, where winter lasts not more than a month or two, and the temperatures are not below zero degrees. 

I am getting older and the freezing cold makes my bones hurt. My arthritis makes me suffer terribly during the winter months. The only time when I get a short relief is during the Xmas vacation when we all fly South. Six years ago, we decided that instead of buying gifts for everyone, we should all go to the beach. It made more sense spending money and enjoying an all inclusive vacation for all of us, than getting the kids another useless toy or gadgets that would keep them hooked to the PSP. Also I don’t mind not getting a present for my birthday. My husband either. We use the money we would have spent on presents for the all inclusive vacation. Thus everyone is happy. Needless to say that the kids have a blast enjoying Xmas in the pool or on the beach.

We cut down most of our non-sense or random expenses. Thus we saved for this trip that we are all looking for to. The only thing we could not say no to this month, was a sail awning balcony Longueuil. That’s because our one was really old and needed to be replaced.

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