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More lies

More lies - Caroline Smith

Don’t you hate it when someone volunteers to help you with something and they never show up? I do! Especially when that person insists on convincing you that you need to change your regular ways, so that you can rely on them.  And when you finally do, you end up facing chaos. When that happens, you ask yourself why on Earth you agreed to it.

That’s what happened to me more than three times with my ex-husband. It looks that I didn’t learn my lesson, although he always did the same thing. He promised to be there and help, but there was always something. He had so many excuses, that I could not even get mad at him. I should have known better that people do not change so easily.

Well, this morning he did again. He was supposed to come early to pick up our son and take him to the dentist and spend the day with him. I was not able to do it, because I had to drive all the way to Quebec city and back to sign the papers with the real estate agent. Finally my condo is getting sold!

Yesterday night, when I texted him, he replied saying he was already in Montreal and he would be here on time. This morning, seeing that he is ten minutes late, I called him. Obviously he did not pick up the phone right away. He has this stupid habit of letting all calls go to his voicemail, as if he’s avoiding someone’s call.

Since he didn’t answer, I started to worry and tried to come up with a plan B. Before calling any of my friends or my mother, I sent him a text message asking where he was and why wasn’t he here?

To my surprise, he texted back saying he was stuck in Toronto, “a last minute thing showed up”. That after he had reassured me the previous night, that he was already in Montreal. I felt my veins pulsating on my temples while I was reading his text message. Apparently there was a problem with one of his buildings and he was stuck there, looking for a company doing Pipe lining Toronto.

I didn’t even bother to curse him. I had to cancel my son’s dentist appointment and go drop him at my mom’s house, which was on the opposite side of the city. While I was driving to Quebec, I promised myself not to rely on him ever!

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