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The new spa center

The new spa center - Caroline Smith

For the past ten years, I have always used the services of the same esthetician. An esthetician, same as physician, is someone you trust. If you do not develop a relationship of trust with her or him, how can you entrust him with your body? Would you allow a stranger you just met to touch your body? I certainly wouldn’t!

Call me picky or weirdo, I don’t care! This is who I am, and I won’t change my ways to please anyone. In my case, I need to know the person before I start trusting him. That applies to business as well. Maybe it’s my early life exposure to the Japanese culture that made me be this way.

Anyway, recently I learnt that my esthetician had closed her clinic and moved to another province, leaving me stranded. Since it’s been almost half an year from my last Massage therapy, I had no choice but to find a new place to go. I inquired all my girl friends about their estheticians and came up with a short list of places and names. 

I chose the one closest to my house, called for an appointment. My plan was to go first for my eyebrows, then a wax, followed by a facial. That in case I liked the person and I was satisfied by the service provided.

It turned out that I had made the right choice. As soon as I stepped in, I was welcomed by the receptionist. She was a lovely young girl who had excellent grooming skills. She made me feel relaxed and reassured me that I would love the esthetician. I guessed she might have sensed my concerns during the phone conversation we had a few days back.

After a few moments of waiting in the reception area, I was invited into a treatment room by a woman in her forties, with a pleasant appearance and a warm voice. She was the esthetician. I like her right away. I liked her even more when she inquired me about my allergies, my general well being. She could have sticked to a small talk about my eyebrows, but she didn’t. 

She got me at “level of pain tolerance”.  This woman managed to make me feel comfortable with her and gain my trust in less than fifteen minutes. I was really pleased with her work too. My eyebrows looked amazing. On my way out, I booked an appointment for a facial for the following week.

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