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The new teenage habits

Yesterday I saw my daughter’s best friend smoking a cigarette. I had a shock, since she’s only thirteen years old. I was passing by the park near their high school. I was driving back from my hairdresser, when I saw a teenage girl that looked familiar. I had a better look to ensure I was not mistaken her for someone else. 

It was her. She was wearing the same blue jacket that she had on a few days back, when she passed by our house to drop something for my daughter. Her long red hair is hard to pass unnoticed. She was sitting on a bench with two other teenagers and they were all smoking. I did not recognized the other two. They were not in my daughter’s classroom. I imagined they must have been friends or colleagues. 

I was shocked! I felt like parking my car and rushing over there. Then I realized that as much I wanted to prevent her from smoking, I had no power over her. Who was I to tell her to stay away from cigarette? We were not related. As a matter of fact, I had no idea who her parents were, or what was their profession. All I knew was that she was my daughter’s friend.

She had come to our house several times, but I never questioned her. That’s because I trusted my daughter’s judgement. 

Seeing her passing the cigarette to another teenager brought a bigger question, a more delicate one: was my daughter smoking as well? Did she offered her one? Did my daughter refuse her politely or did she try it? If yes, when could that had happen? A million of scenarios was running through my mind, while I was driving back to the house. What was the best approach to find out the truth?

Once I got home, I asked my daughter to come downstairs because I wanted to talk to her. I inquired her about her friendship with her friend and if she knew about her smoking habit. I also questioned her if she knew what her parents were doing for living. She had met them once. She replied that both of them were having a small company doing Solar Panel Toronto. According to her, they were very open about almost everything with their daughter. Her comment gave me chills down my spine. It turned out that I had to discuss about two touchy topics with my daughter not only one.

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