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The Oscar

Three months ago, my sister in law opened her small coffee shop. She used to work in Display manufacturing Quebec. Her new business has nothing to do with her previous job. Well, maybe she used some of her old work connections to furnish the shop, as she used custom design fixtures. 

I am so proud of her and what she has done with the place. First of all, I am happy that she did not let her personal life stand in the way. She pursued her dream, even though she was going through difficult times. For a woman who recently came out from a rough divorce and lost a great deal of money, I would say she did an outstanding job. 

She turned a sour lemon into an amazing lemonade that brings her a steady income, allowing her to be financially independent and provide for her children. I don’t know what I would have done if I was in her shoes. Her story is jaw-dropping. It would make a good scenario for a movie. 

She met her husband in Mexico ten years back. One year later she married him and sponsored him. Fourteen months later, he was in Canada. She got him a well paid job, that he was not able to keep. He got fired within less than six months. Then she found him another position, where he was fired again, after a month or two. 

At that time she got pregnant with twins.The only time he was actually nice with her and help out was during the pregnancy. Otherwise he never lifted a finger. She did everything for the kids, the house chores, etc. She is the one who paid the mortgage and held the house. All the financial burden was on her shoulders, as he never considered fit to give her any money for the house. All he was paying for were the diapers, if you can believe that! 

Three years later she found out that he was involved with another woman. He was having a double life. He lied to her about having a small salary. He lied about his work schedule. He lied pretty much about everything. 

Only last year my sister in law revealed all these to us. My husband and I were in shock. We could not believe that the man we knew for so long, treated her so badly and made her so miserable. He played us all. He deserves an Oscar for his performance.

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