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Reconnecting with my cousin after a decade

Reconnecting with my cousin after a decade - Caroline Smith

I hate it when I get one of my migraines. I just feel like banging my head against a wall, in order to numb the pain, to stop the throbbing sensation I feel in my head. I know it sounds crazy, but if you ever experienced a severe migraine, then you know I am not a cuckoo bird and that’s exactly how one feels. 

Until I was thirty two years old I never had a migraine. Maybe I got a headache once in a while, but nothing severe. I remember my cousin used to complain about her migraines. At that time, I had no idea what a migraine really felt like. Whenever she would cancel the plans we had, saying that she had a migraine, I thought she was trying to avoid me, or she was exaggerating. 

Now I realize that I was a fool and I had the wrong impression about her for so many years. Maybe my behaviour or one of my stupid remarks determined her, years back, to see us only one a year, at the family gathering. Before that, we used to hang out at least once a month. Then everything got quiet and cold. She stopped answering my calls and I stopped calling her. And then, her husband was hire as Plumber Mississauga.

When we accidentally ran into each other, we hugged, kissed, had a short polite conversation, saying we would see each other at the family reunion in June. Then we went on with our lives.

Even during the reunion, I don’t recall spending too much time chatting with her. I can’t explain why. Maybe I was to shallow and she was to annoyed with me. Maybe it was a mutual thing. So we left it like that, without bothering to really see what caused the gap between us. 

We were to busy with our own lives and problems to listen to the others. 

Destiny made it possible for us to reconnect after more than ten years. And this time, it was for real! We were both grown-ups and we were actually interested in hearing what we had to say to each other. When I went for a Plumber Mississauga, I met her there, at the clinic. I recognized her immediately. 

As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to apologize for my childish remarks and foolish behaviour. When I did, she started to laugh. She said that she never cared about what I thought or said to her or about her. She was too busy dealing with her severe migraines. That’s why she never called back.

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