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The sad accident

The sad accident - Caroline Smith

This afternoon I took my kiddo to practice and within less than ten minutes of getting there, right before the game started, he got injured. According to him, he was on his way to the court, when he stumbled and fell down the stairs. Unfortunately, everything happened too quickly and he was not able to hold on to the bannister or anything. He rolled down a whole flank of stairs and knocked his face on the last step. He broke his front teeth and chipped another one. 

I freaked out as soon as I heard him screaming my name. I knew that something must have happened. I took another second to realize where his screams were coming from and I rushed towards the door on my left. I had left everything on the bench and headed to see what was going on. 

The coach reached him in the same time as me. We both rushed to him and got worried when we saw his mouth was bleeding. The coach handed him one of the t-shirt he was carrying and asked him not to move. He was planning to call an ambulance. I asked him for an emergency kit first.
Meanwhile I inquired my son if he was okay and how did he feel. I needed to know what was hurting. I knew he was in pain, but I wished to see if he had a broken bone or any fractures. While he was trying to stop the bleeding with the t-shirt given by the coach, he said that his face hurt the most. He was able to move his limbs without any difficulty. 

I helped him come into a sitting position and suggested to him not to talk to much because it might caused his lips to bleed more. A few seconds later, the coach arrived with the emergency kit and had a look at my son. Along with him, two other parents got closer to us, in order to see what had happened.

One of them was a nurse. She asked for our permission to help and she cleaned up my son’s wound. She revealed to us that she was working as a nurse at Lasalle hospital, at the emergency. She had good look at his injuries and told us that he was lucky and there was nothing huge for us to worry about. She suggested to take him to the dental emergencies Boisbriand because the front teeth were broken and he needed to have them reconstructed.

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