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The saddest story

The saddest story - Caroline Smith

This afternoon, while I was waiting for my appointment at the medical aesthetic centre Blainville, I heard one of the most heartbreaking stories ever. It sounded as a movie script. In the waiting area there were two other ladies, probably acquaintances who have not seen each other in a long time. One of them was updating the other with things that happened during this time. From what I understood, their conversation was about a young girl, probably a niece or a daughter of someone they both knew. 

According to the story told by one of these old ladies, the woman had met with a terrible car accident that got her hospitalized for months. She had to be intubated for months and rely on machines to keep her alive. She has been in a coma for six weeks and when she woke up she could not remember who she was. She suffered from memory loss among other things. I guess it was a blessing that she could not remember all the trauma she had endured.

Apparently she was six months pregnant when that happened. Due to the gravity of the accident, she had lost her baby, along with the ability of ever getting pregnant. 

Once she was awake, she had difficulties talking and walking. She had to go to therapy for two years to gain her speech fully and to be able to stand and walk on her own. Even after two years, her memory has not completely recovered. 

Her insurance paid for her medical expenses for the first two years, but after that she had to take the money out of her pocket, because her company went under water. She was supposed to have her disability pension for life. Unfortunately all the benefits were lost once the company was gone. 

She was given the choice to fight the decision in court or take a few months worth salary, a sort of severance package. Since she had no money to go to court and had no idea how long the trial will last, she accepted the package. Obviously that this lump sum went dry fast and she had to go through her savings in order to pay her medical bills.

Listening to this woman’s misfortune story, I realized that we take for granted way too many things. I understood that we don’t appreciate things and people around us at their real value and we don’t get it until it’s too late.

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