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Sold! - Caroline Smith

While I was watching my daughter paint with acrylics, I could not stop myself remembering my poor mother. She was the artist in our family. She was the one who helped all of us with all of our art projects. She was such a creative woman! Oh, how I miss her!

My daughter reminds me of her. There is a striking resemblance between her and the way my mother looked at her age. There are also a few gestures that my daughter does the same way as my mother did. Not to mention the tone of her voice, when she is pronouncing certain words.

It happened more than twice to hear my daughter talking and think it was my mom. All three of us, we were very close. Despite the generations gap, we had an amazing relationship filled with love, joy and understanding. I owe all this to my mother and a lot more!

A month ago we decided to sell our house and move to a bigger one. Thus we met an agent, filled all the papers and put our house for sale on the market. The following day, the real estate agent passed by and put a big Remax - For Sale sign in front of the house.

A few days later, he called us in order to schedule visits with possible buyers which were interested in our property. I think we had about twelve visits within a month, which was not bad. According to him, it was a good sign that the house was on demand.

Towards the end of the month, we finally had received an offer for the house. I was depending on the results of the pre-purchase inspection of the house. Since they met our price, we accepted it. We were hoping to be done soon with the signing and the move.

Unfortunately the house inspection revealed that we had mold and the buyer was no longer interested in buying the property. We were shocked! We lived in the house, but we never had any signs that there was mold. It was definitely not visible to the naked eye. Plus none of us ever experienced any indoor allergen symptoms.  How was that possible?

We asked the inspector to show us where he had found mold. It turned out there was a leak from one of the basement windows, and on that wall there was mold, under the wallpaper.

We were relieved that it was not as bad as we feared. We hired someone doing mold removal Montreal to fix the problem, and a week later, we got a second offer which we accepted.

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