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The surprise visit

The surprise visit - Caroline Smith

Yesterday evening I had my two sons coming over for dinner. Usually they never come together. Ever since they had a huge fight six years ago, they avoided each other as the plague. They always tried to schedule their visits here to ensure that they would not run the risk of running into each other.

To be honest, I never understood what determined this crazy relationship or the negative feelings they had for each other. All that I gathered from them was that it had to do with a girl. I have no idea who they were talking about because no one ever filled in the blanks for me. On different occasions I tried to discuss with them about it, hoping that I would be able to bring them back, to make them change their mind and reconcile.

Countless times I have said that the blood does not turn into water and that whatever must have happened between them should be water under the bridge, that their blood relationship was far more important and valuable than anything else, including a grudge they had developed over a girl.

When I opened the door and saw both of them standing one next to another, smiling, my heart filled with joy. I thanked God for listening to my prayers. I rushed towards them and gave them a big hug. I had tears of joy coming out of my eyes in that moment.

I even forgot that I had the food on the stove and that I had to off it. My excitement of having my boys together again made me forget about anything else. When I felt the burnt food smell coming from the kitchen, I remembered that I was supposed to turn off the stove.

Throughout the evening, I really enjoyed to listen to them talking about their lives, their latest projects and ideas even that I didn't really understand exactly what they were talking about. I was thrilled that they were reunited and planning to start a business together. They talked a lot about conditioning training Mississauga and another thing that I don’t recall the exact name.

I don’t know what cause this reconciliation, I did not ask because I did not want to jinx it. Whatever or whoever was responsible for bringing back together my boys, had my deepest appreciation. Only a mother can understand what it means to have her children loving each other.

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