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The tease

The tease - Caroline Smith

Before leaving the house this morning, I asked my son what should I bring him from my two days trip to Toronto. He was in the kitchen having breakfast with his father. Both of them answered me within the same time, saying different things. My son wanted a robot, while my husband asked for batteries. He added he would send me a text later on, explaining which type of batteries he need. 

I hugged them once more and then I walked out the house, heading towards my car. I was a bit in a hurry because I did not wish to get stuck in traffic on the highway, during the rush hour. I was planning to take a  few shortcuts and beat the traffic. Needless to say that was impossible. There was an accident on highway 40 West and I spent more than forty minutes to get out of the island. Usually if there is no traffic, that doesn’t take more than ten minutes maximum. 

Anyway, I was lucky my appointments were only at 2 P.M. That gave me enough time to reach the hotel, get dressed and go through my presentation one more time before meeting the clients. The meeting was scheduled to take place within the hotel, which was great for me.

I grabbed my bag, my portfolio and went to meet the possible clients.

Two hours laters, everything was set. All questions answered, all details addressed, all terms written. We had a deal! I only wished that the following day’s clients would be as easy going as these ones.

Once I was back into my hotel room, I noted I had a few missed calls on my phone and a text message. The calls were from the office. It was my partner. He was eager to find out how the negotiations went on. I called him and told him that we had to celebrate. I got him the deal he wanted.

Then I checked my husband’s message. He was asking me to go buy him two tubular lead acid batteries Toronto. The message was having a link attached. I clicked on it and it took me to a website. I was surprised by his request. I called him and asked him if he was serious and if he really needed me to buy these batteries. 

He started to laugh and said he didn’t. He was just teasing me, trying to see if I still pay attention to what he is saying. He added that all he wanted was me back home. It was a cheesy line, but it still made my heart melt.

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